fabric, fluorescent tubes, 3D printed parts, mechanical and electronic components

height: 100 cm, width: 130 cm

To encounter the elusive creatures, I patiently wait in the place where their appearance is most likely. I close my eyes and surrender to the twilight. Sleep overcomes me, I cannot enforce it. In passivity and stillness, I allow dreams to emerge. Slowly, shapes and outlines become visible, at first dimly, then more and more vividly. The creatures appear in the clearing. When I reach for them, they withdraw and disappear again into the shadows from which they arose. The essence can only be admired, but never fully grasped.

The wall installation Emergence consists of a flexible fabric surface surrounded by fluorescent tubes. Movements in the immediate surroundings are registered by a sensor. If the surroundings are completely still, a mechanical process begins through which a circle emerges on the white fabric surface and takes on increasingly clear contours. If the sensor registers movement, this process is interrupted and the circle vanishes. As soon as the surroundings are still and motionless again, the process starts again.