composite material, golden foil, electronic components

diameter: 140 cm

Daedalus built wings for himself and his son Icarus to carry them across the sea and into freedom. Before take-off, his father told Icarus not to fly too high nor too low, otherwise the heat of the sun or the humidity of the sea would cause him to plunge. However, during his flight to freedom, he grew boisterous and soared so high that the sun melted the wax on his wings, causing the feathers to come loose and him to plummet into the sea. Icarus’ flight of fancy ended in tragedy.

The work Ikarus converts the sun into a mirror. The matter of the proper distance becomes a matter of the distance from oneself.

Ikarus consists of a circular frame onto which a fine golden foil is mounted. A sensor detects the distance of viewers approaching the object. The closer they get to the membrane, the stronger it begins to vibrate. The stronger the vibration, the more unrecognizable the reflection of the mirror image becomes.