oak wood, brass or steel, electronic and mechanical components

  height: 53 cm, span: 73 cm  

The vastness of the sky conjures up dreams of distant worlds. Effortlessly and with lightness, the creatures of the air float and glide through space. Their appearance is elegant, sublime and free. The wonder of flight has always held a special fascination for humans. They themselves are only able to accomplish this feat with technical assistance. They are always only guests in the heavenly sphere. The grace and beauty of the movement of birds in their element remains beyond their reach.

The mechanical sculpture Aquila SE gently spreads its wings. It is made by hand from oiled oak wood and polished brass or steel parts. The metal parts are protected from corrosion with a fine lacquer finish. The electric drive is completely silent. Aquila SE is available in a dark and a light color variant in a limited series of 30 pieces each. Each piece is distinguished by the individual grain pattern of the wood and has a unique serial number on the underside. Aquila is equipped with an international plug and can be operated with either 230 V or 110 V.