After a period of craftsmanship as a carpenter and metal sculptor, Lukas Schilling studied applied art and design in Schneeberg and at the University of Art and Design Halle/Germany. Intrigued by the mutual relationship between body movement, posture and furniture, as well as its intersections with sculpture, he startet his first experimental work. During his studies, he deepened his occupation with movement and the interaction of the human body with objects. His work often explores the cross areas between the utilitarian and the poetic side of objects and their influences on our subjective experience.



2018 KammerMachen,

Weltecho, Chemnitz.



2017 Reflexion durch Weitergang,

Alina Art Galerie, Chemnitz.



2016 Camera Obscura,

ITZE-Galerie, Schneeberg.



2016 innteract2016, Chemnitz.



2015 Art-Figura/ Aktion Reaktion,

Perla Castrum, Schwarzenberg,