chalk, steel, 3d-printed parts, motor

The heart of ORA consists of a round lime slice. This is held by three rollers in a frame. The bottom guide roller is connected to a

digitally controlled motor that rotates the disc exactly once in a circle within 24 hours. The glass in the upper part of the

construction is filled with water every few days by the user. This drips constantly on the inner edge of the slowly rotating disc. After

a few days, the erosion of the water begins to reveal a structure, which becomes increasingly prominent over time. The texture of

the disc can be read by the increasing expression and with some experience of the user soon like a dial. Here, the drop serves as a

pointer. Every 24 hours, water flows through one of the many unique valleys. Transience as a phenomenon that is nowadays

negatively connoted becomes the condition of a speaking form of existence and a meaningful, functional existence. It allows us a

glimpse into the past, a time-frame from which we relate our knowledge and which, through their enrollment in our environment,

can be read like a story.